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A scalable platform to meet your changing needs

PantoneLIVE Design

PantoneLIVE Design offers designers and prepress teams access to Pantone digital color libraries, as well as private label libraries, for use during the inspiration, creation and prepress phases. This license allows Adobe Illustrator to work with PantoneLIVE. Requires the free PantoneLIVE plug-in for Adobe Illustrator.

Digital color standards and communication

PantoneLIVE Design allows designers to define, create and communicate color palettes based on specific substrates, printing processes, inks and application methods. These colors can be shared with the production supply chain through a cloud-based repository. The intent of integrity and the design of the brand are guaranteed on a variety of printing surfaces, production processes, departments and locations, providing the expected results.

Visualize your color palette with PantoneLIVE Visualizer

Create a Pantone color palette and visualize what colors will look like when printed – taking into account the packaging substrate, ink and printing process.
Print or export a shareable style guide that compares a PMS color with the color in chosen packaging materials and various lighting conditions.

PantoneLIVE ColorBook

Access to 4,518 updated Pantone colors.
Evaluation of the appearance of flat colors when applied to different packaging materials and printing processes.
Replacing flat colors in the design file to improve production results.

Compare the design to the realistic appearance of the colors with the PantoneLIVE Viewer

Create a side-by-side comparison of your design file as it would appear after output when printed as a flat PMS color or a PMS color on 34 common packaging materials.

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