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About Coralis Americas

Towards Color Reality

Coralis® acts with the purpose of being the reference for companies and professionals that work with processes that demand precision in the use of colors.

As the official distributor of X-Rite, EFI Fiery, Onyx, PANTONE and Munsell in Brazil, Coralis exclusively offers our customers consulting, courses, technology and outsourcing for color measurement and analysis.


Through our deep technical knowledge and the constant search for new technologies.


We are the first to introduce new resources, techniques and technologies to the market.


We promote technical training in color management in order to help build a more demanding and professional market.


We are committed to offering innovation, knowledge and satisfaction to our customers.

The History Story of Coralis

For over 25 years, through constant research and participation in international events, we have combined knowledge with advanced technologies to offer efficient solutions to various areas such as prepress, design, graphics, packaging, plastics, textiles, paints, automotive and among other industries.


Start of operations as exclusive X-Rite reseller


Voted the largest X-Rite reseller for Latin America


Coralis and EFI inaugurate digital Fiery Experience Center at SENAI "Theobaldo De Nigris"


Coralis Americas LLC starts operations in the United States


Launch of the first Coralis spectrocolorimeter for use in Cell Phones


Coralis and EFI inaugurate digital Fiery Experience Center at SENAI “Theobaldo De Nigris”

We help you find the best solution

We provide consultancy in order to prepare operators and technicians to act and define the necessary quality parameters in the production processes, resulting in independence for our client.

During the consultancy, various activities are carried out, such as: survey of the scenario to define actions to be implemented in the production process, definition of necessary investments, theoretical and / or practical training, definition of the departments of the company that will be involved, among others.

Process Training and Auditing

In addition to offering a wide range of products, the company promotes technical training with the aim of instructing and guiding professionals through specific methods and resources to obtain the best results in color handling.

With several applications for the industry, our consultancy can be given to IT managers, printers, supervisors, quality control and management of color control systems in production and laboratory.

G7 Expert certification

The G7 calibration methodology is the best, simplest and most efficient way to reach the Graphics Industry Standards, such as ISO 12647, FOGRA, Idealliance, among others.

The G7 prioritizes the common visual appearance, the control of the primary, secondary and most importantly, the GRIS BALANCE, ensuring chromatic balance in all the tonal reproduction curve of the printed images.

Consult our G7 Experts to learn more about the process.

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