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Spectrodensitometer Coralis Color Density Meter + App


Coralis ColorMeter Pro Sphere Spectrophotometer
For accurate color test results, its working principle is the same as that of a spectrophotometer.
It can measure L*a*b, L*Ch, RGB, Hex and other color value under up to 26 CIE illuminants such as A/C/F/D50/D65 among others.



Coralis Color Density Meter Spectrodensitometer

Coralis Color Density is a measuring device for color, CMYK density (A, T, E, M), spectral density, TVI, trapping, printing contrast, tone error and gray balance.

Through a Bluetooth connection, Coralis Color Density device connects to Coralis app and allows for the configuration of +20 types of different indexes and mathematical models, with 26 CIE luminants.

Calibration – To guarantee measurement accuracy, Coralis Color Density uses a magnetic calibration design made of high resistance, traceable ceramic.

Small measurement aperture – 4mm measurement diameter allows for the reading of small samples.

Connect to Coralis app to extend even further the spectrophoto- meter’s functionalities, like creating customizable color libraries, searching for the closest PANTONE color, and sharing information with your clients through QR codes.

As an optional feature, you can subscribe to our cloud-based color standards to manage your own color measurement libraries and utilize the exclusive quality control functionalities to generate re- ports on standards and samples input onto Coralis app, or Coralis ColorQC.

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