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ColorCert Scorecard Server – Annual License


The ColorCert ScoreCard Server is a cloud-based portal that provides an overview of print quality, summarizing quality levels and consolidating metrics that can be filtered by various criteria.

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Real-time quality reports at your fingertips

The ColorCert ScoreCard Server offers a convenient dashboard that brings together brands, packaging converters and pre-media professionals to evaluate and monitor the smooth running of the packaging workflow. With the combination of evaluation criteria reports and statistical process control, it closes the color communication cycle, allowing real-time access to printing performance, regardless of geographic location. See a summary of general quality levels using custom filters based on the factory, machine, type of work or other work parameters. So go deeper into problem areas to manage exceptions effectively.

Create agreed specifications on the ColorCert ScoreCard Server including color standards, point gain, and tolerances. It returns a number that reflects the level of compliance with the specification. ColorCert’s dynamic scoring algorithm is directly based on individual goals and tolerances, reporting on performance achieved, rather than artificial weighting used by other solutions that can distract operators by placing the focus on less important metrics mistakenly.


  • It provides a platform that allows converters and brand owners to share and analyze color and print quality consistency from real production data, proactively and in real time.
  • Offers transparency in reporting with all stakeholders working towards a specific goal throughout the workflow.
  • Ensures color traceability in a complex global supply chain, ensuring that products will accurately reflect the brand identity when they reach the shelves.
  • It allows organizations to use Big Data to support lean business practices and improve overall color and print quality and consistency.
  • Provides insights into areas of opportunity to identify, evaluate and correct.



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