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Color iQC Professional 1 Year Subscription


Color iQC: For quality control and quality assurance

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Solution rich in quality control features

Ensuring accurate and consistent colors throughout the global supply chain can be a challenge, considering the risks and costs of process and procedural errors. Rest assured that the design intent will reach the final product when using the Color iQC software integrated with the quality control processes.

Enables strict tolerances to be achieved through connected solutions

Color iQC is configurable, task-based software that allows users to use configured templates for material and process analysis containing predefined tolerances, configurations and standards. With Color iQC, brands, suppliers and manufacturers can define instrument calibration and measurement modes, in addition to ensuring correct color measurement practices, regardless of location or software configuration.

From quality control to quality assurance

Color iQC analyzes why color errors happen, identifies the main indicators to enable adjustments to the process and ensures that the final products will meet expectations. In addition, it maintains complete audit traceability to improve communication throughout the supply chain, so that quality control professionals can prioritize production speed and efficiency, rather than color quality control.


  • It is possible to configure tasks with data and color criteria so that each participant can see the same data in the same way, regardless of the location.
  • It is possible to define models for common processes or materials, in addition to including standards, tolerances, definitions and visualizations.
  • It is possible to create workspaces for specific user requirements and software levels, improving efficiency and facilitating adaptation to unique requirements.

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